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All you need to know about Performance & Talent Management.

Performance Management

Goal setting is one of the keys to success! Without goals we are wandering around doing things here and there without a focus. How can you achieve something unless you have set a goal to reach?
How does performance management work
How to write SMART objectives
What is performance management?
Goals and the law of unintended consequences
How to coach team members

360-degree feedback

360-degree feedback, sometimes referred to as multi-rater appraisals or multi-source feedback is a tool designed to gain feedback from peers, reports, managers and even internal and external customers. A person gains valuable insight into how others see them.
What is 360 degree feedback?

How to run a 360 degree feedback process

Talent Management

It's all about talent. Understanding and improving your workforce. Knowing your top performers and identifying their key strengths. These are the keys to improving and retaining employees. Learn more

Competency Assessment

Competency assessment is a continual process of reviewing the workforce's capabilities, identifying gaps and building knowledge & skills. Learn more

Performance Appraisal

The achievement of an organisation’s goals rests with it’s people. The more talented the people and the better they are managed and coordinated toward those goals - the greater the chance of success. Learn more

Skills Audit

A key piece of information an organisation needs to know is what skills and knowledge the organisation has.
Learn more


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