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Learning Management System

Elegant and enjoyable learning
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Even if you work for NASA you want development to be easy. There’s nothing complex about our LMS - browse, book, complete, learn.

Everyone can get involved with minimum fuss, leaving more time for what they’re actually there for, learning.

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Hot off the press

With most other processes online, why are you still stick with training request forms? Manage all training requests online. Workflows and approvals to keep everyone in the loop. Direct integration with development planning. One easy place to apply, learn, report.

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Learning management video
Take a look at this brief demo on our LMS.
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Bon voyage multiple web sites

Our LMS supports your eLearning modules so people can undertake development from one accessible location. Bon voyage, multiple websites and logins. And the mobility of Cognology means that elearning can be undertaken anywhere - at your desk, on the train, or on the shop floor.

A new way to visualise learning

Meet the Learning Timeline. It helps people visualise their learning. Easy indicator lights encourage their participation. They’ll know where their training is at and what’s coming up.

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Build a bridge, and then watch them walk over it

For total integration, HR can link competencies to learning solutions to highlight development options. It's the best way to align the development you're doing with the capabilities you need. Clever integration with your employee data also ensures approvals from the right people.

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Super easy to get started
Being cloud based, it's super easy to get up and running.
  • No servers to buy.
  • No special software to install.
  • We help you get up and running.
  • We backup your data.
  • We install regular updates.

There’s also an on-premise solution if preferred.
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