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How to coach team members

A useful tool for the manager's kit bag

Regular one-on-one meetings with team members are one of the most useful tools in a manager’s kit bag. They are simply conversations between a leader and their team member where they talk about how things are going. What’s going well and what needs to change. It’s very much a two way communication. They’re a great way to know team members better and be aware of all the things, at work and outside work, that might be inhibiting a person’s ability to do their job.

So why don’t more managers use them? The answer is usually that they either aren’t aware of the need to do them or they aren’t sure how to do them.

It’s time to take that tool out of the toolbox!

Reality talent shows like The Voice are incredibly popular. Watching The Voice it’s striking how well they do one-on-one conversations. It’s a great example for leaders. They could learn a lot by watching it. There are some things that don’t translate well from The Voice to a workplace though. There’s definitely some things that would need to avoided. So we put together this light-hearted video comparing one-on-ones to an episode of a reality talent show.

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