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Enterprise Social Network

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Do great things together

Talent management with beautiful social integration. Recognition, gamification, crowdsourcing and more.

20 x
Up to 20 times more likely to see increases in:

  • customer satisfaction
  • attraction of key talent
  • productivity
  • customer loyalty
  • turnover and profit*
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Kudos to you

Thumbs up, you're a star. Add a touch of gamification to your workplace.

What would you like to know? Ask questions about anything. Get project feedback for team members. Or ideas from your department. Use our library of questions or ask your own.
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See a movie on us
Integrated rewards, feedback and social recognition. Reward people with time off, movie tickets, a dinner or trophy.
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Real time feedback

In the moment, real time feedback. Wonderfully automated. Watch the feedback come in and discuss it using the social tools.

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One place for everything

Fully integrate social enterprise with our other great modules for learning, performance and competency management.

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* Engaged employees better for business outcomes